The Leander Class Frigate

The Leander-class, or Type 12M frigates comprised of twenty-six vessels and was among the most numerous and long-lived classes of frigate in the Royal Navy's modern history. The class was built in three batches between 1959 and 1973. It had an unusually high public profile, due to the popular BBC television drama series Warship. The Leander silhouette became synonymous with the Royal Navy through the 1960s until the 1980s. Only two Leander class frigates survive today, serving in the Ecuadorian Navy as of February 2015.

The Leander design or derivatives of it were built for other navies:

· Royal New Zealand Navy as the Leander class

· Chilean Navy: Condell class

· Royal Australian Navy: River class

· Indian Navy: Nilgiri class

· Royal Netherlands Navy: Van Speijk class

Further information on the complete list of Leander’s can be obtained from Wikipedia clicking on the link supplied.

HMS Diomede (inboard) and other members of the 3rd Frigate Squadron in the Stores Basin at Sambewang Shipyard July 1972. LTR – Diomede – Yarmouth – Lowestoft - Rothsay