A Little Bit of History

This web page was first produced way back in 1997 when there was an Association in place with the first reunion in the same year. Like all organisations there were ups and downs, however lack of continuity became a deciding factor where the Association eventually petered out with the web page following close behind.

The Diomede was a very happy ship for many people and with the information I have collected over the years I have decided to re list the web page in a slightly different format for the good of all that have served in her.

There is a a very good Diomede Facebook page where crew mates post messages and photographs however the frustrating thing is that the photographs and stories drop off as the page fills up and is difficult to retrieve and I hope this web page will act as a more permanent record of the history of those who served in her. I have placed a link with the Facebook logo that if clicked on, will take you directly to the Diomede page.

It is also a matter of fact that some people do not like Facebook, having just got used to searching the Internet, so hopefully we will have wall to wall coverage.